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by Internet

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(free) 03:04


The debut ep from The Internet. Released for free on their website @


released May 28, 2010


all rights reserved



Internet Santa Barbara, California

Internet is the product of Marvin Dominguez, Franklin Dominguez, Selden Cumming, and Steven Hendricks

Postpunk/Shoegaze from S.B.


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Track Name: Don't You Know?
The broken bike for bloodshot eyes
Will go along but won't be fast
We'll leave it to the winds to go
We'll leave it to the bike to roll
if all the seasons come to pass
bike's on a hill and going fast
Don't you know?

For all intents and purposes
A simple yes would have sufficed
On seeking vengeance don't forget
Bringing a knife ain't very nice
So please forgive me when I say
The bike can't roll another day
Don't you know?
Track Name: Pretty Please
I caught a shadow through the trees
it kinda made me ill at ease
and though it wasn't very dark
it could've torn the world apart

The ceiling windows open wide
was kinda breezy, kinda nice
the atmosphere grew very thin
but we still had that stupid grin

You told me things I really wish I didn't know
It's such a funny thing when humans choose to sin
I stand before you all a symbol of the same
We're asking for no favors, "pretty please" is lame!

I caught a shadow through the trees
It kinda made me feel at ease
and though the wind gave way to calm
It only begged me, 'pretty please'?
Track Name: Spaceships
I got spaceships in my head
(Spaceships in my head)
That I can't get rid of
Track Name: Silly Otter!
Went down to the beach today
Frolic'd with the whales
Then laid on the sand

Went down to the beach today
Brought my beach ball
But the otters bit it through
Silly otters!

I love the ocean blue
I love the ocean green
I love the ocean in any color!

Went down to the beach today
Thought that I was high
Cuz I saw a mermaid

So I went to say hello
But then I got close
It was a dead body
Silly body!

I love the ocean blue
I love the ocean green
I love the ocean in any color
Track Name: What You Think
there was a time when things were clean and simple
but those times are gone, replaced by photographs of you
it don't compare to anything I have inside my mind
my genius just can't ever take on you
I don't pick the shirts you wear
my fashion only involves dares from you

where you goin now hotshot
what you thinkin' of, big time?
do you think you can speak clear?
do you wander at real fear?
do you work for your money?
are you walking out the box?
well, don't it's just a wasted fuckin effort

I won't pretend that I'm a real hero when the real ones are dead
paint is a virtue and my patience thins, the gossip burns my head

all she told me was to not try this at home so I asked her:
'are you an angel or what?'
she just looked me in the face and said

your look is different and your ego slips, is that what you call spite?
kid don't be stupid or you'll end up floating on a riverbed at night
if you can't cope then find a better hobby cause this one just ain't right
and if you ever quit I'll be right here to welcome back the fight

she just looked me in the face and said
come on come on come on